9 Ways to Save on Winter Heating Bills

How are all my peeps out there in Myrtle Beach? Surfside Beach, how you doing? It’s Cool Cat dropping in with some hot tips for you to save on your winter heating bills. The coldest part of our year is coming and Cool Cat knows you need to save as much as you can when the temps get down low. Here are 9 ways you can save this winter.

1. Open curtains during the day. Let the sun warm up the inside of your home. Just make sure to close curtains and blinds before the sun goes down so you don’t lose any warmth you gained during the sunny part of the day.

2. Reverse your ceiling fans. Warm air rises. So, turn the ceiling fans to the reverse setting to push that warm air back down into the room.

3. Turn down the thermostat. Adjusting the temperature down even a few degrees can make a big difference on your utility bill.

4. Dress for the weather while indoors. Wear layers and cozy clothes indoors so you can use tip 3 above while staying warm and comfortable. Now, Cool Cat’s not talking about decking out in a parka! Just add some layers so you don’t sacrifice personal comfort by turning the thermostat down.

5. Add insulation. If you have areas in your home without insulation (tip – check out your attic!) or without adequate insulation, adding insulation will really help out with your heating bill.

6. Keep vents clear. Make sure all of your vents are clear with no furniture or other obstacles in front of them to impede airflow.

7. Wrap and insulate your ducts. Wrapping and insulating your ducts helps you deal with any air leaks and keeps heat transfer to a minimum. This means more warmth makes it from your HVAC to the rooms of your home without heat loss.

8. Change your air filter regularly. A dirty gunky air filter isn’t just gross, it also makes your HVAC system work harder. When your system works harder, it burns more energy which costs you more money.

9. Have a professional maintenance and service appointment for your HVAC. You should have a professional servicing for your HVAC at least once per year to ensure everything is clean, well-lubricated and working as it should. Your regular maintenance appointment can also help find small issues before they become big and costly issues.

Cool Cat loves helping his friends save money. And when it’s time for that professional service (tip # 9), it’s time to call the cats at Carolina Cool. They’re the pros in the know that can keep your system working smoothly and efficiently. This was Cool Cat with news you can use, heading out for a stroll before the cold wind blows!