A Toilet is a Toilet, Right?

By S. Kim Henson

With more than 1,000 models to choose from, purchasing a bathroom toilet is a bigger decision than it was in days gone by. Main features deserving consideration are the toilet’s performance and efficiency – in other words, how much waste will the toilet remove in one flush and what volume of water does it use to do the job.

Other considerations include whether the toilet is a one or two-piece model, whether the bowl is round or elongated, and its type of flush technology.

Also, designated by the symbol ADA for Americans with Disabilities Act, there are comfort-height toilets for easier seating and standing that measure from the floor to the bowl somewhere between 17 and 19 inches. Juvenile-height is lower for children and standard-height toilet bowls are about 14 to15 inches from the floor.

And then there’s choosing the color … decisions, decisions.

But there’s no decision when it comes to who to call for your plumbing needs: to check a running toilet, fix a leak or change out an old toilet to a new one – call Carolina Cool.
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