Why Does My Home Feel Muggy

Ask Cool Cat: Why Does My Home Feel Muggy Inside?

Hey, Surfside! Hey Myrtle Beach! Cool Cat here to answer another of your pressing questions. Today’s question comes from Barbara in North Myrtle Beach. Let’s check it out!

Dear Cool Cat,
This is my first summer in my new home in North Myrtle Beach. It’s cooler than outside, but the inside of my home feels muggy, too. Is this normal? What could cause this?
Barbara in North Myrtle Beach

Hellooooo Barbara in the NMB!
I got your answer right here (don’t worry, I verified it with the cats over at Carolina Cool). First, it’s not normal. Even though we’ve been having a super humid summer, the moisture in the air should not be making its way inside your house. One of the most common causes for this is having a cooling unit that is too big for your home/space that needs cooling. When the cooling unit is too large, it cools the air too quickly and doesn’t get to run a full cycle before it meets the desired temperature and shuts off. The indoor coil has to reach a certain cold point to remove the water from the air (as condensation).

Our naturally humid climate means the air coming into the unit from outside is already full of moisture. When the cooling unit for your home isn’t able to run efficiently to remove the moisture, it gets sent along into your home in the form of cool but muggy or clammy air. A few other things folks notice when they have a unit that is too big for their home or space is that it usually sounds louder than you’d normally expect. It can also seriously crank up your utility bills. That’s not coooooool!

Barbara, Cool Cat knows when you have a problem, you just want a solution. The best solution is to replace the unit with one that is the correct size for your home. If the unit is new and not due for replacement anytime soon, adding a dehumidifying component/unit to your system might help. However, the right solution is best discussed between you and your technician from Carolina Cool. They have all the know-how when it comes to finding fixes and solutions for every kind of mechanical problem.

For our readers to prevent this problem, call the cats over at Carolina Cool. They’ll evaluate your home for the proper sized unit based on cooling load. Your cooling load is a measurement that includes the size and dimensions of your home; installation in the attic, walls and basement/crawlspace; roof color; type of material or siding on the outside of your home; efficiency of your doors and windows and more.

Thank you, Barbara in the NMB for your question! With such a hot and humid summer happening, there could be lots of cats with the same question out there. As for this cat, it’s time to surf some waves. Cool Cat surfing out until next time!