Authorized Generac Dealer Myrtle Beach

Carolina Cool is Your Authorized Generac Dealer

Hello out there, Surfside Beach, Socastee, North Myrtle Beach! Cool Cat checking in to make sure all my friends have the straight scoop on generators. Hurricane season will be here before you know it and now is the time to get ahead of the curve with a Generac generator.

Is a Generator Really Necessary?

People ask me all the time, “Cool Cat, is it really necessary to have a generator?” Now, I wasn’t a scout (some weird rule about only allowing humans) but this cat is all about being prepared. The worst time to decide you need a generator is when a hurricane or tropical storm has knocked out your power and you’ve been counting down the hours and wondering if your fridge goods are going to spoil before the juice kicks back on. Plus, when power’s out so is your HVAC system and trust Cool Cat that it gets mighty hot and sweaty when a power outage kills your airflow.

You all know I love the beach life but with that sandy, salty and sunny awesomeness comes the reality of tropical storms and hurricanes. So, is a generator really necessary? This Cool Cat says “you betcha!”

Why Choose Generac?

The cats over at Carolina Cool keep up on the latest technology and the best equipment around and recommend Generac generators. First, they can install your Generac generator to sync into your existing alternate fuel source (not electric – gas lines and liquid propane are good examples) so you don’t have to worry about storing cans of fuel or worry about running out in the middle of a major storm. Second, Generac units sense when the power goes down and automatically kick on to keep your lights on (and your A/C too). Having an automatic standby generator gives you peace of mind that you’re prepared for any outage hurricane season brings.

Plus, Generac units have a five-year warranty and are built using corrosion-resistant materials – a big deal in our salty seaside area. Salt is highly corrosive so you want the reassurance that your generator can resist the elements. You can also add their Mobile Link Remote Monitoring so if a storm comes in while you’re away, you can check in on your generator from your phone or tablet from anywhere. You can check the unit’s status and even review your maintenance logs and see when your next professional servicing appointment is due with the pros from Carolina Cool.

Carolina Cool is your authorized Generac dealer and service provider. Give them a ring and they’ll answer all of your generator questions and get you set up and ready to keep the lights on no matter what the weather brings. That’s coooooool!