Carrier Commercial Building HVAC Solutions: Churches, A Case Study

Commercial buildings in Myrtle Beach, in particular churches, are faced with unique HVAC needs. Large areas need to be kept cool due to the amount of people in them while administrative and school areas need to be cool or heated depending on the time of year.  In addition, in many older structures, older HVAC systems are not able to keep up with the comfort levels and energy efficiency required today. Low sound levels and high indoor air quality are also factors in a place of worship and learning.  Installations usually need to take place on a tight schedule and planned around the services and school schedules of the institution so as not to be a disruptive presence.

Let’s take a look at a Carrier Case Study:

First Baptist Church of Hamilton Park was faced with such a problem. The solution their contractor decided upon was Carrier’s AERO air handler to meet these requirements by delivering superior acoustics and standard features that include HEPA filters and UV-C germicidal lamps. The AERO air handler’s construction also allowed for the small space allocated for installation. Easy servicing was another reason for selection of the AERO units. Their unique structural frame allows easy and safe removal of all access panels. The appliance-quality finish, with no exposed edges, also contributed to safe handling for installers and service technicians.

The contractor, while fully understanding the goals and expectations of the client, worked closely with Carrier to ensure that AERO units were designed, manufactured and delivered on time.

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