Commercial HVAC Myrtle Beach

Commercial HVAC: Ready for Another HOT Season in Myrtle Beach?

Spring time is the best time to make sure your commercial HVAC system is prepped and ready for the hot and humid Myrtle Beach summer weather. Finding and repairing any problems now sure beats having clients and customers sitting in the sweltering heat in the middle of July! Here are just a few of the ways the cats at Carolina Cool keep your commercial HVAC chilling all season long:

* Clean coils to maintain efficient operation.
* Inspect for mold growth and remediate mold issues, if necessary.
* Clean and check condensation drains to ensure moisture drains away and doesn’t collect inside the unit. Also check drains for debris and blockages.
* Change filters (business owners should also change filters frequently throughout the year, if possible).
* Lubricate moving parts inside the unit.
* Tighten or replace loose connections or hoses.
* Clean and inspect the cooling tower, and replace tower if needed.
* Check refrigerant levels and monitor for any signs of refrigerant leaks.
* Test thermostat controls to ensure proper function.
* Check and clean ducts, intakes and airways to remove dust, pollen and debris.
* Check outdoor and rooftop units for debris like leaves, twigs, loosened building materials and other items that can block airflow or efficient operation.
* Clean and inspect blower and blades, and replace as needed.

Myrtle Beach summers are busy and HOT! But our cool cats at Carolina Cool have you covered. Give us a call and we’ll make sure your commercial HVAC system is prepped and ready for the heat so you and your customers stay cooooool all summer!