As a licensed electrical contractor, Carolina Cool can perform installation, service, maintenance, and/or repair services in commercial, industrial, and/or residential settings.

As an electrical contractor, Carolina Cool can, install, and maintain electrical systems.

Our Commercial services include wiring buildings, and factory equipment/structures as well as integrated building systems (IBS), Voice Data Video (VDV), and low-voltage installation, maintenance, and repair.

Our residential services include wiring for Voice Data Video for home offices, relocation of home entertainment systems, wiring repairs, upgrades, or remodels, and light fixture upgrades.

We can install wiring for:

  • Back-up power generation systems
  • Spas or Hot Tubs
  • Climate control equipment
  • Security systems
  • Production equipment
  • Wireless networks or data centers
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Medium to Small Scale Electrical Projects Are Our Specialty

Commercial and Industrial Projects

In a commercial setting, we work in all types of sites such as office buildings, retail outlets, medical office buildings, storage facilities, and hospitality facilities, among many others. Our team can design and install electrical systems, panels, switchgear, wiring, and related equipment, including lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles.

Service and Maintenance Jobs

Carolina Cool can be counted on to provide service and maintenance to not only generators but to other electrical systems in commercial settings.

Our company is fully licensed and insured under local and state law.