Common Electrical Projects for Commercial Locations

What’s happening, Myrtle Beach! Cool Cat coming around to give you the sweet deets on commercial electrical projects. When was the last time you thought about the electrical system in a commercial location such as a school, hospital, shopping center, office building or even multi-residential locations such as campgrounds, high rises, retirement facilities or apartment complexes? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think of it at all but those kinds of locations require a different set of skills and equipment than most residences. Thankfully, the cats at Carolina Cool have the top techs in electric for commercial and residential. Let’s check out some common commercial projects.


Upgrades and Retrofitting

Older commercial locations can often have outdated wiring that doesn’t meet the current building codes for commercial locations. So, one common project is upgrading and retrofitting a commercial location with new wiring, panels, outlets, switches and other electrical components. Many of these projects can involve multiple units or spaces within one building and can be more complex than residential wiring.


Repairing Damaged or Faulty Wiring

Even if the electrical system in a location isn’t outdated, it could still have damage or faulty wiring issues. Remodeling projects and even vermin infestation can cause damage to wiring and faulty wiring is a top cause of building fires. This is a big issue in multi-residential places such as high rises and retirement homes. What someone does in one unit, if it causes damage to the electrical system, can impact many other units in the structure. In this case, the electrician would be fixing any damaged or faulty wiring and ensuring everything is up to code and safe.


Signs and Exterior Lighting

In many cases, to handle signs and exterior lighting requires special equipment like a lift to get the electrician up to the location of the wiring to do the necessary work. This includes signs on buildings, highly-mounted exterior lighting and directory signs for strip malls. Common projects for this type of electrical work include installing new lighting, fixing existing lighting for signs, rewiring and fixing damage caused by outdoor elements like storms.

If you own or run a commercial site, it’s good to know the cats at Carolina Cool have your back. They have the right technicians with the latest skills, technology and equipment to handle any electrical service need you have. This was Cool Cat dropping some knowledge on ya before I head out back to test out the sweet new lift that just came in!