Heat Pump Maintenance

Cool Cat Advice: The Importance of Heat Pump Maintenance

Cool Cat here with the lowdown on keeping cooled down when the hot sun is beating down. Your heat pump system may keep you warm in the winter but in the summer, it switches up to keep you coooool. Proper maintenance is the #1 key to the most efficient heating and cooling your system can offer. A well-maintained heat pump system uses 10-25% less energy than a system that isn’t.

Maintenance that’s cool for you to do: Keeping your system stellar is a year-round gig! In between professional maintenance visit from the cats at Carolina Cool, you can change your filter every month, check on the outdoor unit to keep it free of debris like leaves and twigs and you can make sure your air intakes/returns are kept grime-free.

Maintenance for Carolina Cool to do: Today’s heating and cooling systems can be complicated, we get it. That’s why we’re here! Just a few things we do to maintain your heat pump system include:
* Inspect and clean ducts, filters (we check them too–they’re important), blowers, coils and fans.
* Check for refrigerant leaks and check for proper refrigerant level.
* Check and measure airflow.
* Check belts for wear or loosening.
* Clean and lubricate moving parts.
* Check and calibrate thermostat.
* Test electrical connections–tighten, clean and fix as needed. And a whole lot more!

And, you can make your heat pump maintenance worry-free! We have the most comprehensive maintenance plan options around. Our heating and cooling maintenance plan includes a 28-point inspection and cleaning two times per year. And you can customize your service plan based on the components of your system. You can add on extras like deep cleaning for your ducts, dehumidifier maintenance, home generator maintenance, and service to cover additional systems and zone systems too. That’s cool! Don’t forget to check out our service and maintenance plans for plumbing and fixtures or for your indoor air quality system.

So take it from me, keeping your heat pump maintenance up to par is the best way to stay cooooool all summer long!