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Cool Cat Plumber’s Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

Hellooooo Murrells Inlet, how are ya? Looking good out there, Conway! Hey y’all, Cool Cat coming at ya with the latest news you can use on all things coooooool in the bathroom. Don’t have time to keep up with the latest trends? No worries! Cool Cat has you covered on what’s next and new for your loo!

Organic Accents
One hot trend is bringing the outside in. Think about a relaxing trip to the spa but in your own bathroom. You can get the look by using neutral colors and adding organic accents such as plants, vintage-inspired plumbing fixtures, natural stone, reclaimed wood, aged flooring and weathered tiles.

Tech in the Toilet
Technology and toilet seem like two words that would never end up in a sentence together. Yet, here we are. Toilet technology includes seat warmers, automatic sensors that open and close the toilet lid, air dryers and even music that plays while in use. Let’s not share playlists…

Bring Back the Brass
Once considered old hat, gold and brass are making a big comeback in the bathroom. With finishes in satin, matte and spun gold, brass and gold fixtures bring in warm tones to compliment the gray wall color trend. The result is warm and soothing instead of sterile.

Shape Up
Boring old subway tiles are out and fun, shapely tiles are in! Check out options in diamonds, hexagons, fish scales and even patterns such as chevron patterns. Tiles in fun shapes are showing up on floors, in showers and on backsplashes.

Vanity Fair
Focus on the vanity (in a good way) is the next big bathroom trend. The vanity area includes your cabinet, counter, sink area, mirror and lighting. Use creative lighting options such as hanging pendant lighting and change up fixtures to add glamour and luxury to your fair vanity.

If you are interested in bringing any of these bathroom design trends to your home, the cats at Carolina Cool are your bathroom update experts. They can help you design just the look you want and make sure the result is done right. That’s cool!