Crawl Space or Attic Encapsulation Agreement

Maintenance Agreements Are Cool

14-point inspection (one time per year)

  • Check operation of weather station and sensor. Replace batteries.
  • Enter crawl space or attic access and check seal around hatch door.
  • Check perimeter for proper seal (attics: check soffits and ridge vent seals).
  • Check ground barrier for proper seal.
  • Check condition of duct work and report any issues.
  • Check for any obvious moisture intrusion and assess cause.
  • Check humidity and adjust dehumidifier settings accordingly.
  • Clean dehumidifier filters and check coil.
  • Check and clean out condensate line from dehumidifier, as needed.
  • Check operation of condensate pump and verify clear lines.
  • Check operation of sump pumps and verify clear lines.
  • Check condition of joists and document.
  • Check condition of insulation and document.
  • Make minor adjustments to assure integrity of seal and document.