Dehumidifying is Carolina Cool

By S. Kim Henson

Did you know air conditioning is more than just blowing cool air?

Originally designed as a dehumifier, staying cool was a welcome side effect. From July 2010’s article on, “The first system was designed in 1902 by inventor Willis Carrier (the Edison of air-conditioning) as a solution to keep muggy air in a printing plant from wrinkling magazine pages.”

Carrier used coils to cool the air and remove moisture, appropriately named air conditioner because it describes its job – it conditions the air. The first home unit was installed in 1914 but it wasn’t until decades later that air conditioners gained popularity when they were designed smaller, quieter and for more efficiency.

These days, most of us give little thought to dehumidifying the air and more attention to staying cool. Truth is, the former is more critical to our home’s well-being even when our priority is temperature. Vacationers will attest to this who have turned off their air conditioner during summer, left home and returned to mold.

The system’s size and upkeep matters. An oversized unit may not achieve low humidity and an undersized one will likely not maintain a cool temperature on the hottest days. A unit that is not maintained will run less efficiently. Call Carolina Cool today for service, proper sizing and installation of your air conditioner.

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