Don't Forget to Prep Your Ice Machine

The Heat is On! Don’t Forget to Prep Your Ice Machine

Helloooooo out there, Myrtle Beach! Cool Cat here wondering who left the heat on outside? It’s really cooking out there which means your cooooool equipment is working hard. Look over at your ice machine… Just sitting there and making mountains of ice for all of your thirsty customers. But when’s the last time you gave that ice machine a good clean-down or had the cats from Carolina Cool out to service it? Did you know that most manufacturers recommend a minimum of 2 to 4 total clean-downs every year?

Consequences of Poor Ice Machine/Maker Maintenance

Now, you know Cool Cat always tells it to you straight. The FDA considers frozen water (i.e. ice) as food. This means ice and ice makers/machines are subject to inspection just like any other food-related equipment and practices and your ice machine and ice is fair game for inspectors. Dirty ice is ice that has bacteria, slime, algae or other microbe contamination. Contamination in your ice equals sick customers. And these nasties can be contaminating the ice you’re serving long before you see the evidence in a glass. The other big consequence of poor ice machine maintenance is that you could have a major breakdown when you can least afford one–when your business is hopping full of hot, thirsty guests!

Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

First, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for how often to clean your machine (or have the pros out to do it for you) and any special cleaning solutions that need to be used for your make and model of ice maker. Second, always make sure to sanitize and properly rinse the entire water system thoroughly before you put everything back together and start the ice maker back up. In general, here are the overall cleaning and maintenance tasks for ice machines/makers:

  • Empty and sanitize storage bin
  • Clean/brush condenser coils and fan blades
  • Clean or change out air filters and water filter cartridges (both internal and external)
  • Check evaporator plates for mineral build-up and clean as needed
  • Check the temperature of the unit
  • Inspect fasteners for corrosion and proper operation
  • Inspect bearing and auger
  • Inspect water valve screens and check for blockages
  • Check wiring and controls for damage and proper operation
  • Sanitize and inspect all components of the water system

If that sounds like a lot of work, it’s no problem for the cats at Carolina Cool to come out and take care of your ice machine maintenance for you. They’re the pros in the know with the latest technology and top-notch training. Avoid a major breakdown (and downtime) and keep your ice safe and clean for your customers, give Carolina Cool a call and schedule your service today. Hey, it ain’t even summer yet and it’s hot enough to curl your whiskers out there, Cool Cat’s just giving you the 411 to get ahead of the summer heat wave.