Electrical Contractor for New Construction Myrtle Beach

New Construction: Hiring Your Electrical Contractor

Hey y’all! Cool Cat here, hanging in with some electrifying info to share with my friends all over the Grand Strand who are looking into new construction.  Do you know what to look for when choosing an electrical contractor for your new construction? Never fear! Cool Cat is here with a handy list of what you should check out about any electrical contractor you’re considering for your new home’s electrical installation:

  • Does the electrical contractor guarantee their work will meet all required codes and pass inspection? What warranty or guarantee does the contractor give to correct any issues to ensure all electrical work passes inspection?
  • Is the contractor licensed and insured to handle your project? You can ask for a copy of their insurance certification to keep handy, if you need it.
  • Get written and detailed copies of all quotes or proposals from all electrical contractors you meet with.
  • Somewhere on the proposal or paperwork you receive from a potential electrical contractor, you should see some kind of notation that the electrical contractor follows and meets all NEC (National Electric Codes) and NEIS (National Electrical Installation Standards) requirements and standards. The NEIS is a set of ANSI-approved standards created by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).
  • How many new construction projects has the electrical contractor worked on and over what period of time? Did those projects include planning or designing the electrical system for the structure and how did they coordinate with builders and other contractors to ensure the best and safest work?
  • Are there additional options you should consider or ways they can prepare for electrical options you might add later, such as solar panels or additional outlets?
  • Ask about the quality of the materials and parts the electrical contractor is using for your quote. Are these materials the safest and newest technology available? What is the contractor recommending and why?
  • Ask for a detailed warranty statement that clearly spells out what is included and what is not, just in case you discover an electrical problem after you are occupying the home.
  • Ask for referrals, talk with others who have used their services and read up on online reviews. Double-check with your builder about the contractor you’re considering to make sure they don’t have knowledge of problems with the contractor’s work.

The electricity and wiring in your new home has to be done right. Botched work could mean safety hazards for you and your family in the form of shorts, surges and electrical fires. That’s not cooooool! Be sure to give the cats over at Carolina Cool a ring. Their team of electrical technicians are the best in the biz with up-to-date training using the latest technology and the current 411 on all those building codes. Take it from Cool Cat, you don’t want the experience of building your dream home to be electrifying in the wrong way! Until next time, this is Cool Cat heading over to the construction site!