Electrical Home Improvement Projects- Light Up Your Closet!

It’s early morning and you are rushing around getting ready for work… you get into the car and realize that what you thought were navy slacks are actually black and your shirt & tie do not match. Have you ever searched in your pantry for a particular item but just can’t see due to low lighting? The problem isn’t with your eyes – it is lack of appropriate lighting in your closet! Most closets and pantries are built without giving a thought to good lighting, which results in our relying on ambient lighting from rooms or hallways or, in some cases, even a flash light.

At Carolina Cool, our professional electricians can light up your closet regardless of its size. We can do a small change or add lighting as part of a larger renovation project in your closet. We will install a variety of fixtures; from basic light fixtures to spotlights to chandeliers! Lights can be turned on via a switch, pull chain or even motion detection. With motion detection you can save on electricity, since the light cannot be accidentally left on; it turns on when you open the closet or enter the closet. We will work with you to decide if you need or want LED or fluorescent. The only limitations are your imagination!

This is a simple home improvement project but can make a dramatic change in your day to day living.  As with many home improvement projects, there are often building codes to be adhered to, and working with electricity should be left to experts.  Call Carolina Cool for your next electrical home improvement project!