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Mechanical Contractors

Mechanical Contractors are highly experienced professionals who oversee all of the mechanical systems in a structure such as heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation, electrical systems and plumbing or piping. Mechanical Contractors may be involved in various phases of a construction project from engineering and design, 3D modeling, prefabrication and installation. While they may be involved in both residential and commercial construction projects, they are most often involved in construction of large facilities and commercial spaces with complex or very specialized mechanical equipment.

Medical facilities, large office complexes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, factories and supply chain facilities are types of construction projects or even system maintenance clients who would work with a mechanical contractor. Many mechanical contractors work with technologically advanced mechanical systems that may feature automation technology, special controls and highly sensitive integrated custom building comfort and security systems. They are also often involved in the design, engineering and installation of systems for “green” buildings or facilities to ensure the highest degree of renewable resource use and energy efficiency.

The national organization for mechanical contractor professionals is the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). The organization for mechanical contractors in South Carolina is the MCASC – Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina. If you have a project with unique or complex mechanical system configuration or needs, Carolina Cool is your Myrtle Beach resource for top-notch mechanical contractor services.

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