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Low Voltage Lighting

Light. We rarely think about it beyond flipping a switch when the sun goes down, however, there are many lighting options available that not only change the ambiance of a home or space but can also be more cost-effective and safer. Many homeowners are exploring the benefits and growing array of options available in low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting uses less electricity, saves you money, gives off less heat than traditional lighting, adds versatility for lighting in small spaces and is safer due to lower shock hazard. Implementing low voltage lighting solutions in your home is not as straight-forward as it may sound. Most home wiring is commonly 120 volts but can range from 110 volts to 220 volts depending on the electrical design of your home. Low voltage lighting requires a transformer to reduce the voltage to below 50 volts, most commonly 12 volts or 24 volts.

Switching over from traditional line voltage to low voltage wiring to install low voltage lighting absolutely should be performed by an electrician with experience installing low voltage lighting and wiring. Thankfully, Carolina Cool has you covered! Our low voltage electrical experts are certified and trained to help you reap the benefits and growing number of options available for low voltage lighting. Through our low voltage lighting services we provide:

  • Myrtle Beach Low Voltage Lighting Electricians for All Types of Homes
  • Installation & Testing of Voltage Transformers
  • Retrofitting Existing Wiring and Fixtures for Low Voltage Use
  • Installation of Dimmers, Timers & Sensors
  • Installation of LED Electrical Fixtures
  • Installation of Security & Motion Lighting
  • Low Voltage Landscape & Outdoor Walkway Lighting
  • Weather-Safe Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens
  • Wiring and Placement of Outdoor Spotlights
  • Accent & Recessed Lighting for Ceilings & Architectural Features
  • Installation of Under & Above Cabinet Kitchen Lighting
  • Planning, Wiring & Installation of Small Space Low Voltage Lighting Options
  • Chandeliers, Pendant Lighting & Suspension Lights
  • Installation of Track Lighting & Scones
  • Repair & Replacement of Low Voltage Transformers

Considering a change to low voltage lighting may give you unique options that are a perfect fit for your home. You can trust the professionals at Carolina Cool for all of your lighting needs – we won’t leave you in the dark! To explore your low voltage lighting options, call us today at (843) 213-2050!