Electricians Near Me Myrtle Beach

Electricians Near Me: Home Projects That Might Need an Electrician

What’s up, Myrtle Beach? Cool Cat coming back with more news you can use! Friends, have you ever started a project in your home thinking it would be easy peasy… and realized it was tougher than you thought? That happens all the time with household projects that involve electricity. Don’t get zapped into that trap! Wiring and electricity are often much more complicated than they look. When Cool Cat needs the best electricians near me, I just call the cats over at Carolina Cool. They can help with all kinds of projects like:


  • Install ceiling fans for a nice breeze through your whiskers
  • Install new lighting such as pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, track lights, canned lights or recessed lighting
  • Install new outlets and switches (or update old ones)
  • Fix electrical shorts and power surge issues because flickering lights and blown fuses are not coooool!
  • Wire up your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors so your family is always safe
  • Switch up your lighting set-up from traditional voltage to low voltage lighting to save you some serious cabbage on your power bill
  • Hook you up with dimmers, sensors and timers so you can light up unexpected movement or create a moment (purrrrrr)
  • Install and wire up your generator so you are ready for hurricane season or clueless squirrel issues
  • Repair or replace old, damaged or faulty wiring to prevent electrical fires
  • Update old wiring with new code-compliant wiring
  • Install outdoor weather-safe lighting for all of your outdoor spaces such as your outdoor kitchen, pool area, patios, gardens and walkways

There are lots of projects in your home that are totally DIY, but trust Cool Cat that projects involving electricity are best left to the pros. The best electricians near me (and near you) are the cats at Carolina Cool. They have the expertise you need when dealing with electricity. That’s cooooool!