Ga Line Installation Myrtle Beach

Go With Gas! Gas Line Installation Benefits

Hey all you hip and happening cats across the Grand Strand! It’s Cool Cat surfing on up to talk to you about gas. Not that kind of gas! I’m talking gas line installation from Carolina Cool.

If you’re used to all electric or don’t think about your energy sources much, you might not realize how many things in your home use gas or could possibly be replaced with gas appliances. Just a few things you can power with gas include stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters (tank and tankless), gas logs/fireplaces and even lighting that uses natural gas. The cats at Carolina Cool can install lines for any of the above and any other appliance you need gas to power it up. They service and repair any gas line and can even re-route existing lines.

Now, you might be thinking “Cool Cat, is switching to gas really worth it?” You know this cat won’t leave you hanging out to dry so let’s check out how going with gas helps with two super common uses: cooking and drying clothes.

Benefits of Cooking with Gas

Switching to a gas stove/range has a few big time benefits:

  • More precise control over cooking temperatures
  • Gas is often less expensive than electric, depending on the rates in your area
  • Gas stovetops don’t hold latent heat when you turn the burner off the way electric coils do (less likely to burn yourself or another item on a hot coil)
  • Even if your power goes out, the stove still works

Benefits of Drying Clothes using Gas

Gas clothes dryers are another appliance that can be better with gas power:

  • Gas dryers heat up faster, making them more energy-efficient
  • The faster heat-up time of gas dryers dries clothes faster and is gentler on fabrics
  • Drying clothes with gas is frequently cheaper than electric, depending on the rates in your area

With Carolina Cool, you’re getting highly-trained, licensed technicians with the latest technology and equipment out there. These cats cover it all – residential and commercial, installation and repair while offering the reliable 24/7 service you always get with Carolina Cool. When you’re thinking about having a gas line added to your home or need one repaired, you want to hire a pro you know won’t blow it!