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Generate Some Energy- Are You Ready For A Power Outage?

Getting left in the dark isn’t cool. Power outages can happen for all kinds of reasons, such as wind, lightning, solar flare, hurricane, other storms or a random squirrel versus transformer incident. No need to sit around in the dark when you could be powered up instead. Hey, it’s Cool Cat here to tell you the brightest idea for generating energy when the lights go out.

You don’t have to be powerless during a power outage. The cats at Carolina Cool have the cooooolest solution in town–a standby home generator. Standby home generators can be fueled by propane or by natural gas. With a professional installation from our techs, you will be powered back up fast and easy the next time your neighborhood goes dark. We use the latest technology and equipment so you get the best in town. Our cats are fully-trained and licensed professionals who can help you select the generator model and setup that works for your home.

Even better, Carolina Cool can do the whole job for you. No need to hire a separate contractor to install a gas line and yet another to make sure the electrical components are all hooked up correctly. Our cats handle the whole gig from start to finish and front to back. It’s like a one stop energy shop. That’s coooool! You just make one call and we take care of it all. And Carolina Cool has reliable, same-day, and 24/7 service available.

Need standby power at the ready for your business or commercial space? No sweat. We’ve got cats for that, too. If your business needs to stay powered up the next time nature gets a little wild and crazy, we can get you prepped and ready so you can just flip a switch and keep it lit. We can also perform maintenance and regular testing to make sure your generator equipment is ready to use when you need it.

So, Cool Cat just has one question for you–are you prepared for a power outage? If not, give the cats at Carolina Cool a ring and let them know you’re ready to generate some energy.