Geocaching is Cooool!

I have watched people for months get out of their car, walk a straight path to the bench in the park my home office overlooks, and get down on their hands and knees to search for something. I thought, “A lot of people lose their sunglasses over there.” We’re a block from the beach – what else would they be looking for? When I mentioned it to my husband, he guessed they were geocaching. Sure enough, I asked the next fellow who showed up and that’s exactly what he was doing. This was his 947th find … only 1,298,665 more to go.

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played around the world by adventurers equipped with a GPS device that leads them to a hidden container called a geocache. The online information sheet about each one includes the geocache’s coordinates, its title which usually gives a clue to its whereabouts and a scrambled word or phrase that also hints around about where to find the treasure once you’re near its location.

The one in our neighborhood is off course partly because the birdhouse where it was hidden has rotted off the post, making it harder to find but more fun to watch when people are looking for it. Up and down the Grand Strand, there are nearly 500 geocaches … now that’s Carolina cool!