Gas Line Installation Myrtle Beach

Hire A Pro for Gas Line Installation

Hey, Myrtle Beach! Cool Cat here with the big data on gas lines. When it comes to gas lines, you want to make sure to hire cats you can trust to have the latest technology, the right equipment and the top-notch know-how to do the job right. Of course, the cats at Carolina Cool are trained up and ready to take care of your residential or commercial gas line repairs and installations – with same-day service and 24/7 emergency service available. You might be wondering what reason you might have for needing a gas line installation or repair expert in your contact list. Hold onto your tail, I got 8 of ’em!

1. Water heater replacement – When you get a new water heater that uses gas, with a tank or without, you want it hooked up right to make sure your new heater passes muster and meets safety requirements.

2. Stoves and ovens – When you switch from electric to gas or just replace your old gas range, you want to know you’re hooked up right. Cooking is playing with fire, after all!

3. Clothes dryer – Clothes dryers powered by gas are making a bit of a comeback with their rep for even and efficient drying. Where there’s heat, there’s risk and you need a pro installer.

4. Natural gas fireplace/fire logs – Nothing like a winter nap stretched out by the fireplace with a crackling fire warming your belly, am I right? When you flip the switch for your gas fireplace, you want to know it will light up right every time.

5. Fuel lines for new gas appliances – If you are making the switch from electric to gas, you want a pro putting in that gas line so it stands the test of time!

6. Natural gas lighting – Lighting powered by natural gas is all the rage! Natural gas communities are springing up all over and that soft gentle light is catching on in other communities too. We can get you set up to light up your night with natural gas lighting.

7. Outdoor kitchens and grills – Cooking outdoors means less mess indoors, and if your outdoor kitchen is set up right with a dedicated gas line, you won’t even miss hauling those big tanks for exchange.

8. Remodeling projects – Want to change the location of your kitchen range? No problem! Our cats are pros at re-routing existing gas lines for your remodeling projects.

Check it out, friends! Carolina Cool is dedicated to safety – a must when working with gas lines! They have the licensed and highly-trained cats to do the job the right way. They keep up on the latest technology and have the latest equipment to take care of any gas line installation or repair you need – that’s cooooool!