Hug a Tradesman! National Tradesmen Day is Coming Up!

Every year, the third Friday in September is recognized as National Tradesmen Day. This year, National Tradesmen Day falls on September 21. This is Cool Cat, popping by to remind you about this very special day!

Tradesmen are the guys (and gals) who keep our country, our businesses and our homes working like they should. They often work long hours in all kinds of conditions to keep you comfortable. That’s cooooool – and worth a few hugs, don’t ya think? Tradesmen (and women) include plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, mechanical engineers, masons, carpenters and more. These are the folks who keep everything running smoothly and comfortably. They keep the lights on, the water heating, the temperature comfortable, the taps running and chillers chilling.

You can show your appreciation and encourage all the cats you know to do so too with the hashtag #NationalTradesmenDay on your social media. They deserve our appreciation more than we usually ever think about. The tradesmen from Carolina Cool are available 24/7, all year long and even holidays. They keep trained up and on top of the latest technology and equipment to give you the best service possible. They’re the cats who leave their warm homes and family celebrations to be there when you need them for an emergency at your business or home. They’re the ones who are helping make repairs to the electric and plumbing when a major storm causes a big bummer that impacts just your pad or place of business during hurricane season. They help repair the damage and make things right when your pipes freeze in January. They get your heat working again at midnight on a Sunday in December.

You know what, this Cool Cat is gonna head on over and get started with the hugging! And if you run into a tradesman on September 21, let ’em know you appreciate all they do with a big giant hug (and let them know Cool Cat sent ya so it’s not awkward or anything).