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28-point inspection (two times per year)

  • Verify operation of thermostat. Calibrate as needed.
  • Wash or replace standard filters.
  • Cycle unit on; check temperature and humidity at return grilles.
  • Check voltage to indoor unit and amperage of blower.
  • Check indoor fan for proper clearance, balance and cleanliness.
  • Check operation of strip heaters. Test safeties.
  • Check temperature rise of electric heat.
  • Check airflow of air handler by temperature rise chart.
  • Check temperature at supply and return plenums.
  • Test emergency pan switch. Adjust as needed.
  • Check condition of all accessible ductwork. Note any leaks/concerns.
  • Clean drain pan, add algaecide and verify proper drainage.
  • Inspect entire condensate drain and clear trap with shop vacuum.
  • Check voltage to outdoor unit.
  • Check condenser for visible signs of oil.
  • Check outdoor fan amps.
  • Oil outdoor fan, check for proper clearance and balance.
  • Check refrigeration levels for proper charge, as needed.
  • Check delta temperature across outdoor coil.
  • Check compressor amps, Run/Start/Common.
  • Take amperage reading of crank case heater.
  • Check for proper defrost operation. Note time setting.
  • Check condition of wiring at indoor and outdoor unit.
  • Tighten all electrical connections.
  • Inspect all contactors for integrity and proper operation.
  • Wash outdoor coil, as needed.
  • Wax outdoor unit. One time per year.
  • Cycle test operation of system.

Customer Add-Ons (prices listed below)

Duct Cleaning Procedure - Call For Pricing
  • Hook up 8’ machine hose to main trunk line.
  • Separate main trunk from HVAC system with an inflatable bag.
  • Remove all registers to be cleaned.
  • Clean each supply with forward/reverse action of compressed controlled airflow, forcing all debris into main trunk line.
  • Clean main trunk line of all debris.
  • Do visual inspection through 8” hole.
  • Turn system on to check for blowback.
  • Seal opening with mastic and tape.
  • Re-install all cleaned registers.
  • Clean return plenum and return grille.
  • Treat with Antimicrobial.
Home Generator (1 visit per year) - $280.00
  • Annual maintenance pre-start cycle.
  • Check engine fluid levels and condition of fluid.
  • Check fuel line filter. Drain as needed.
  • Check fuel lines, clamps and connections for wear.
  • Check battery charger for proper operation.
  • Check for corrosion. Clean and treat if necessary.
  • Check battery water for proper level and specific gravity.
  • Check spark plugs and spark plug wires for wear.
  • Engine running checks.
  • Check battery charge.
  • Check ignition system for wear and proper operation.
  • Check propane pre-heat system for proper operation of connections.
  • Check engine governor for proper operation.
  • Check fluid levels. Adjust as needed.
  • Change oil and oil filters.
  • Check fuel filters. Prime fuel system.