HVAC Maintenance Tips for Homes with Pets

Shout out to my pet-loving friends on the Grand Strand! It’s just Cool Cat swinging by to share some cooooooool tips with you for taking care of your HVAC system when you have pets. Everyone knows that having pets is good for you! Having pets lowers blood pressure, decreases stress and all kinds of great things. What it’s not so good for is your HVAC system. Pet hair and dander can build up in your system and cause it to work harder. Also, your dogs can bring in dust, dirt and pollen on their feet and fur when they come in from outside. Yuck! Here’s how you can take great care of your pet and your HVAC system.

1. Clean frequently – Even if your pets stay out of certain areas, their hair and dander can find their way all over your house. It’s a good idea to keep a more frequent cleaning schedule than you would if you didn’t have pets. The more grime you tackle before it makes its way to the HVAC system, the less mess you’ll have inside your unit.

2. Seal your ducts – Have your air ducts checked for leaks and ensure they’re sealed. Even the smallest leak could potentially let dander and pet fur into your air ducts. Double yuck!

3. Maintain your HVAC regularly – Hey, now you know this should be done anyway so this is a no-brainer. Keep your system well-maintained and it will work at its most efficient for you year-round.

4. Upgrade your filter – Choosing a different filter can help you catch more dander and pet hair (and other gunk) and filter it out before it comes through your ducts. Choose a filter with a MERV rating of 8 or more to help filter out all the allergens, grit and grime possible.

5. Give your dog regular baths – Fido goes outside and picks up dirt, dust and pollen on his coat and feet. Did I mention… Yuck! Giving your dog regular baths gets that nasty grime off of him and also washes away dander and loose hair. Cats are (ahem) self-cleaning but if you happen to have a particularly dander-y cat… Ugh. Cool Cat can’t even say it… baths help in general.

6. Cover your condenser unit – Get a condenser cover for your unit outside. This will keep your dog or other critters from damaging the fins and can help protect your unit from liquids (dog urine) that can damage it over time.

Taking good care of your HVAC system when you have pets is essential to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. Hey, we can’t help it that we’ve got fur and living in the south means almost year-long shedding. Using these simple tips can help you help your HVAC stay working at its optimal function.