Don't Forget to Prep Your Ice Machine

Ice Machine Cleaning and Maintenance

Hey-oh out there Myrtle Beach friends! This is Cool Cat coming at you with more cool news you can use! The hot summer is here and we know your biz is cranking up the ice machine to coooooool down all those parched patrons. This is the time to have your ice machine cleaned and inspected to keep your ice safe for your customers. Now, cleaning an ice machine is more than just dumping out the ice and washing the bin–it requires taking the whole machine apart to clean every piece that comes in contact with water or ice. In fact, it’s required by federal law and failure to do so can result in a $500,000 fine! Why? Because mold, bacteria, brown slime, viruses and mineral scale can build up throughout the machine, contaminating the ice. This can make your customers seriously sick! Yikes! Let’s check out what all goes into properly cleaning an ice machine.

Cleaning and Maintaining an Ice Machine

Cleaning and maintaining an ice machine involves much more than just dumping the ice out and cleaning the bin. Here’s a list of all the different things that go into this service.

  • Check operation of wiring and controls
  • Check pressure in the water system
  • Inspect water valve and screen, water sensors, water hoses, water reservoir and thermostat
  • Inspect fasteners for corrosion
  • Test temperature inside unit
  • Flush the water system with cleaning solution to remove contamination
  • Remove calcium, iron and lime from evaporator plates
  • Inspect all parts that come into contact with ice or water for slime, mold and mineral scale
  • Replace air and water filters (at least every 6 months)
  • Pressure clean drain and storage bin
  • Clean all removable parts with cleaning solution and brush to remove mold, scale and slime
  • Remove any grease or debris from condenser coil
  • Fully sanitize all parts that touch water or ice
  • Reassemble the machine and run two cycles of ice–discard this ice as it might contain cleaning solution or sanitizer residue

If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is. But check it out–the cats at Carolina Cool have your back! They can clean and maintain your ice machine for you and take care of all this work to make sure your ice stays clean and fresh for your customers. That’s cooooooool!