Indoor Air Quality vs. Seasonal Allergies

iStock 000054576814 smallIndoor Air Quality vs. Seasonal Allergies

Spring on the Grand Strand…Yes there are flowers blooming, trees greening and …. Everything in sight is yellow. Yes yellow – whether it’s your first spring season in Myrtle Beach or your 50th there is no avoiding the onset of seasonal allergies.

Here are a few interesting, facts in regard to spring pollen. The yellow pollen that blankets our cars/outdoor furniture and really anything outside for more than 5 minutes is actually not the real culprit in the onset of seasonal allergies. In fact, Dr. Mark Schecker, a Myrtle Beach allergist, it’s the things we can’t even see that causes problems. “ The other pollens are invisible. They are microscopic and your can’ see them, they float in the air,” says Dr. Schecker. So while we all know that the pine pollen is our yellow friend what we don’t know is that oak, maple, sycamore and elm trees while also release pollen

So what’s the best way to safeguard you and your family against these spring allergies? First, limit your exposure outside, keep car windows up even in garages, wash your hair, hands and clothes after being outside for a prolonged period and keep windows/ doors closed. Many people will do all of the above and still experience the symptoms of seasonal allergies inside. What many people don’t realize is the indoor air quality can be worse than the outdoor quality! The issue then is the indoor air quality in your home.

The microscopic pollens can and will come into your home through your air conditioning unit. While there is no way to guarantee absolutely no allergens infiltrating there are several steps that will limit the pollen and mold from getting inside.

Carolina Cool is certified in NCI Air Balance, Anabec, and Mold Removal IICRC – Institute of Inspection Cleaning and to Conduct Static Pressure Testing. Additionally our professional servicemen/women will perform the following to insure the indoor air quality is at optimum levels in your home.

• Ductwork cleaning
• Duct work leak Detection
• Air Door testing for the Home Envelope
• Filter replacement
• Dryer Vent cleaning
• Moisture & Humidity Control
• Perform Blood Born Pathogens Removal and Remediation
• Perform Mold Sampling and Testing
• Do Crawlspace and Attic Encapsulation

Carolina Cool can install complete ductwork engineering, design and installation. We also offer science based solutions to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Trust the air you breathe to the experts at Carolina Cool. Call us today 843-213-2050!

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