Indoor air Quality Myrtle Beach

Indoor Air Quality Not Up To Par? Cool Cat Can Help!

Hi! Cool Cat here to save the day for my peeps along the beach who’re looking for cleaner air to breathe! When you think of air quality, it’s natural to think of that salty air outside but the air we’ve gotta have a serious chat about is the air inside your house. Did you know that your indoor air quality is an average of 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside? That’s not cooooool!

Indoor Air Pollutants
What’s making the air inside your house so dirty? A big offender in the Myrtle Beach area is mold. Our little slice of paradise stays pretty humid most of the year and any kind of moisture build-up can lead to mold. Other air gunk includes allergens like pollen and pet dander (ahem, dogs), dust and dirt from outside, air freshers and even fumes from the clothes dryer if the vent isn’t totally clear. Breathing in all this grime can make your people and your pets seriously sick with conditions like asthma, allergies and even mold sickness. That’s worse than hairballs any day of the week!

How Carolina Cool Fixes Your Indoor Air Quality Issues
Check it out – the cats at Carolina Cool use science-based solutions to solve air quality problems. They use the latest technology and equipment and have reliable, same day and 24-7 service. And if you’re concerned about air quality for your business or office building, you can breathe easy – Carolina Cool has air quality experts for residential and commercial. Here are just a few of the air quality services they offer:

  • Mold testing and lab evaluation
  • Mold, moisture and mildew control
  • Duct work cleaning
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Encapsulation for attics and crawlspaces
  • Air filtration, balancing and zoning
  • Allergen reduction
  • Total duct work engineering, design and installation

My friends, you don’t have to live with dirty air in your home or business. Everyone deserves to breathe the cleanest air possible, and that includes you, your family and your pets. The cats at Carolina Cool care about your air and are ready to help. And if you’re not sure what’s floating around in your indoor air, these pros can find out. And you can tell ’em I sent ya, they know me over there! This is Cool Cat, heading out to do some more cooooool superhero saving stuff!