Indoor Air Quality

Crawl Space or Attic Encapsulation

What is Crawl Space or Attic Encapsulation?  It is the process of sealing, waterproofing, and insulating your crawl space or attic space.  Areas of the home with high humidity, such as crawl spaces and attics, are subject to mold and rot.  Over time, this can cause serious physical and financial damage to your home.  The way to protect your largest investment, your home, is to be proactive and take some simple steps to ensure a healthy living space.  When your crawlspace is sealed from humidity and outdoor air, you will find it leads to energy savings as well as better indoor air quality.  Whether you are looking to prevent mold and rot or you have a current situation that needs attention, Carolina Cool will help determine the best solution for your needs and budget with an initial consultation and analysis of your home, from attic to crawl space.

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