Kitchen Remodel? 5 Plumbing Facts You Need to Know

Hey out there, Little River! How you doin’, Surfside Beach? It’s Cool Cat here with more cool news you can use! Are you planning a kitchen remodel this spring? Many people don’t realize that a kitchen remodel can be a little more complicated than expected when you take the plumbing into consideration. Here are 5 plumbing facts you need to know before your kitchen remodel!

1. Your kitchen might have to be re-plumbed. When you do a remodel, everything needs to be brought up to code. If your house was built between 1930 and 1980, chances are you might have a plumbing type/material that is no longer within code. This means you’ll need to have your kitchen re-plumbed with piping materials that are currently within code. While this can be pricey, it’s actually going to benefit you in the long run with better piping materials that are less prone to leaks and bursts.

2. You have to consider space for your add-ons when you choose your sink. Add-ons include your garbage disposal and water filtration system. These items need space under your counter and access to your plumbing and sink to work properly. If you have a small amount of room and choose a deep farmhouse style sink, you might leave yourself no space for your garbage disposal or your water filter. Always consider what will live underneath when choosing a sink.

3. Your dishwasher has needs too. Keep in mind that your dishwasher typically uses the same water supply and drainage that your sink does. If you relocate your sink, be sure your dishwasher relocates with it or be sure your dishwasher will have what it needs in terms of water supply and drainage. And make sure you get sink plumbing that can handle both the job of the sink and the job of the dishwasher well.

4. Your sink isn’t the only place you’ll need water supply. Many appliances such as refrigerators now come equipped with chilled water dispensers and ice makers. You’ll need a water line in your plumbing plans to run to the fridge to supply the water needed for those functions. Often this water line can be hidden underneath the floor so it’s important to plan for it ahead of time instead of when you get to the end.

5. Your plumbing location can be a real freeze. When undergoing a kitchen remodel, try to keep plumbing lines away from exterior walls. This will reduce your risk of frozen pipes in the winter and yes, even here at the beach, freezing pipes are a problem. If you can’t relocate your plumbing away from an exterior wall, have insulation installed around the pipes to help reduce your risk of a freeze-up.

Remodeling your kitchen is a coooooool project. Just make sure to keep these 5 plumbing facts in mind before you get started to avoid any uncool surprises along the way. If you want to remodel but having started planning yet, it’s the perfect time to call the cats at Carolina Cool! They can help you plan your remodel, inspect your current plumbing, make recommendations and help you get the work done right! That’s coooool!