Lightning Safety – What to Do if Your Home is Struck by Lightning

Hey oh, Myrtle Beach! How you doing Surfside? It’s Cool Cat dropping in to share some lightning knowledge with you! We get a lot of lightning out here on the Grand Strand and sometimes lightning can even strike homes. Did you know there is actually a Lightning Safety Institute that deals with the risk and damage lightning causes to people and property? So, a lightning strike can be a serious issue. Here’s what to do if lightning strikes your home.

1. Look for signs of a fire. The heat and energy of a lightning strike can cause parts of your home or electrical system to catch on fire. If you are unsure if you have a fire, call the fire department to come check. Charred electrical outlets and switches can be a sign of a smoldering fire somewhere in your walls and present a serious fire risk. Don’t take chances on a potential fire, just call the pros in to check for you.

2. Check for electrical damage. Check for exposed wires, shorted appliances, downed power lines and fried electrical wiring.

3. Cut power at the breaker for damaged rooms. If you have a room or several without power following a lightning strike, cut the power to those rooms at the breaker. BUT! Only if you can do so safely. If you have any doubt, don’t touch the breaker, but place a call to Carolina Cool for an electrician to check the operation.

4. Keep in mind that lighting can also travel through plumbing. While it makes sense that electricity from a lightning strike can travel through your electrical lines, keep in mind that it can also travel through your plumbing. Most plumbing is metal or has metal parts and conducts electricity very well. Be aware of damage to your plumbing after a lightning strike.

5. When in doubt, call the fire department. When your home has been struck by lightning, lots of damage can occur. The greatest risk of a lightning strike is a fire either where you can see it or smoldering inside your walls where you can’t. When in doubt, call the fire department to check it out.

6. Schedule a surge inspection.  Call Carolina Cool to schedule a surge inspection with a qualified electrician.  Your electrical services cats at Carolina Cool can take care of this for you. This inspection looks for damage to wiring and electrical components caused by the lightning strike so you can fix any issues and have peace of mind.

7. Remember that each lightning strike is unique. Even if your home has been struck by lightning before with minimal damage, remember that every lightning strike is unique and can cause unique damage. Always have your electrical system inspected following a lightning strike to determine any actual damages and take care of any potential repairs. Your safety is the number one priority.

When your home has been struck by lightning, there can be major damage to your electrical system and your home. Call the cats at Carolina Cool to inspect your home and electrical system to be sure you are safe and there are no issues to be fixed following a lightning strike.