Carolina Cool has your home comfort in mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive maintenance plans available anywhere. Choose maintenance agreement combinations for your home:



Add maintenance for Additional Systems, Duct Cleaning, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Zone Systems, or Home Generators.

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Add maintenance for Additional Water Heaters, Additional Bathrooms, Dryer Vent Cleaning, or Sump Pumps.

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Invest in keeping your home clean and comfortable with Crawlspace or Attic Maintenance, or have your Ducts Cleaned.

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  • Utility Bills – Just like a well maintained automobile uses less gas for operation, regular and proper maintenance keeps your equipment running as efficiently as possible, saving you money.
  • Change-out Costs – Keeping your equipment maintained will extend its life and keep it running for many years.
  • Repair Costs – Over the life of your equipment, you will experience lower total operating and maintenance costs with fewer disruptions.
  • 15% Preferred Customer Discount – During the entire year of the agreement on all service repair bills including HVAC, Plumbing, and Indoor Air Quality, the customer loyalty program will entitle you to a 15% DISCOUNT.


  • Trustworthy – Carolina Cool has been a member of our community since 1985, and our skilled experts know their business. Rely on them and our reputation to give you fast, dependable and professional service.
  • Precision Tune-Up – Our competent technicians will inspect, lubricate, adjust and clean your equipment, and keep it operating at peak, trouble-free efficiency. Potential problems are spotted before they cause trouble.
  • Preferred Treatment – Maintenance increases your equipments reliability, but if emergency service is needed, our agreements entitle you to PRIORITY SERVICE.


  • Comfort – A well maintained system will keep you more comfortable in your home.
  • Peace of Mind – A competent, friendly, trained and dependable staff of experts look after your equipment and its performance. We work with you to schedule your maintenance when convenient.
  • 100% Happy – We love our customers, so we pledge 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Many times we will follow-up with “Happy Calls” to verify everything went well. If you are ever dissatisfied with the service you receive, we promise to make it right.