Carolina Cool is first and foremost in business to keep our customers comfortable. Staying comfortable in the Myrtle Beach, Georgetown, and Conway areas requires HVAC systems that work reliably. Like any mechanical system that reliability is dependent upon proper maintenance without gimmicks. While some cursory HVAC maintenance is possible by homeowners, the best way to assure your system is being thoroughly maintained is to have a highly trained qualified HVAC technician perform a maintenance visit twice a year.

Carolina Cool’s maintenance program is called our Customized Savings Agreement and includes a higher than average inspection checklist with 28 points being checked twice a year.

The Carolina Cool Customized Savings Agreement is designed to save our homeowners time and money. We monitor the performance of your system from visit to visit, paying attention to several areas that show up as red flags before components wear out or quit working. Our technicians will review their findings, leave a detailed report of the visit, and only if needed make suggestions for preventative repairs. Unlike some of our competition, we desire to not have a repair become necessary, but also to only suggest repairs when needed.

Additionally, the agreement guarantees you priority scheduling for any service call you have, as well as offering you a 15% discount off of service calls and response fees across all our departments.