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What Exactly IS a Mechanical Contractor?

Hello out there to all my friends in the Grand Strand! Cool Cat checkin’ in with ya to clear up all those deep mysteries of life for ya… Nah! I only have 9 lives and I want to spend ’em answering your questions about Carolina Cool. Today’s question is from Betty in Surfside Beach: What exactly is a mechanical contractor? Well, Betty, tune in for the scoop!

Mechanical contractors are what the cats over at Carolina Cool are. Mechanical contractors are the highly-trained technicians that work on anything mechanical or machine-related in a house or building. Things in your home or commercial space that are mechanical would be your HVAC unit, refrigeration, indoor air quality set-up and can include related systems such as plumbing, electrical and solar. Some mechanical contractors specialize in particular areas, such as HVACR installation, for their certification and licensing, but they still gotta know the maintenance and repair side of the deal also. HVACR means HVAC + Refrigeration because air conditioning and refrigeration have a lot in common, kinda like me and that sassy Siamese down the street.

How do electric, solar and plumbing work with mechanical systems?
Mechanical systems need power to run them and refrigeration systems often connect to plumbing for things like ice makers and water filters. Mechanical contractors need to understand the whole system from end-to-end from what powers it, to all the moving bits and baubles, to what comes out of it. Whew! That’s a lot of expertise these cats need to have! That’s why technicians in mechanical contracting spend around 3 to 5 years as an assistant or apprentice getting trained up the right way on top of in-person or online classes. They also have to keep learning to keep their certifications active and to keep up with all the latest technology Carolina Cool uses.

And Betty, you know what’s cooooooool?
Carolina Cool is your top-of-the-line professional mechanical contractor. These cats are the best in the biz in every service department at Carolina Cool – Heating and Air, Solar, Refrigeration, Electric, Plumbing and Indoor Air Quality. One call and Carolina Cool covers it all!