Mechanical Contractors of Myrtle Beach

People often ask what specific services we provide.  Indirectly, the goal of Carolina Cool is to provide you with the highest level of indoor comfort.  The direct way to make sure you are comfortable in your home is by providing needed professional services, including HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Indoor Air Quality, and Solar.  What are those services?  In a nutshell, we are complete Mechanical Contractors for Myrtle Beach Homes and Businesses.  Carolina Cool is your HVAC Company for Myrtle Beach!  We handle HVAC in Myrtle Beach and all surrounding areas, so when it comes to heating and cooling your home or business, out of all the HVAC companies to call in Myrtle Beach, Carolina Cool will respond to your call promptly, professionally, with extreme attention to detail.  That means if your heat pump is working, but just needs a little TLC or HVAC maintenance, we will do the job.  Many companies will just try to sell you a new system.  We make sure that we exhaust all possibilities and conduct a thorough needs analysis before we make recommendations.  We are also experienced Plumbers in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.  When it comes to Myrtle Beach Plumbing, we are equipped, trained, and certified in every area of Plumbing.  We specialize in keeping your Indoor Air Quailty up to snuff, so you can breathe easy in your home!  You woold be amazed at the little things that can disrupt good Air Quality in Myrtle Beach homes and businesses, and we have the equipment and the knowledge to analyze your duct work, your insulation, mold problems, allergen problems, your filters, and air leakage issues.  We are certified and trained Myrtle Beach electricians!  Thinking of installing a ceiling fan?  Maybe you are doing a room remodel and need an elctrician.  For any electrical need, Carolina Cool handles those!  Finally, we do solar in Myrtle Beach.  What does that mean?  We work with the local utility companies and we provide solar energy sources for heating and cooling your Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand homes!  When it comes to saving energy and energy costs, Carolina Cool has the solar (and soon to include wind power) energy solutions for all of Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas.  So…HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Indoor Air, and Solar, too— get comfortable!  Get Carolina Cool!