Nest– The Learning Thermostat

By S. Kim Henson
Nest Learning Thermostat is the world’s first learning thermostat, programming itself after the initial couple of weeks when it is learning from your temperature adjustments.
Above and beyond being first, can you say “wildly popular”?
Nest launched March 1, 2011 and has nearly 9,000 Facebook followers. The learning thermostat accepted the Very Innovative Product (VIP) award given by The Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Nest also won Best in Show 2011 at the Shaggies, formerly the biennial Northwest Design Invitational, and Best New Device at this year’s fifth annual Crunchies Awards sponsored by Tech Crunch, a leading technology media property.
At the Crunchies, Nest beat out Galaxy Nexus, iPad 2, iPhone 4S and the runner up, Kindle Fire. No wonder, though, since Nest is the creation of former Apple engineers Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers. The two will tell you, not only is Nest smart, it is good-looking, energy saving and programmable online … all the things your other thermostat is not.
Are you interested yet? If so, give Carolina Cool a call and ask about Nest.