New Construction Plumbing Contractor Myrtle Beach

New Construction: Hiring Your Plumbing Contractor

Hey out there, Myrtle Beach! It’s Cool Cat swinging by to give you some news you can use. Things are heating up again and that means more new constructions ramping up. With all the details of building a new home, you might overlook how important choosing a great plumbing contractor is. Check it out – plumbing for a new construction is a totally different animal than plumbing in an existing home. Don’t worry! Cool Cat has your back! Here’s what you should look for in a new construction plumbing contractor:

  • Find out how many new construction gigs your plumbing contractor has done and over what period of time. This will help you know if they’ve got the skills to do your job right.
  • Does the contractor help design the plumbing layout or consult with the builder to ensure the piping system is planned out in the best way for your home and needs? Ask what they suggest and how they work with builders or other contractors for a smooth project.
  • It sounds obvious but Cool Cat wants your bases covered so make sure any contractor, plumbing or otherwise, has proper licensing and insurance.
  • Find out if the plumbing contractor handles getting any necessary permits and how the fees for those are added to your quote. If they don’t handle getting the required permits for plumbing work, find out who is expected to handle this task? The builder? You?
  • Ask about building codes for plumbing and how the inspection process for plumbing works. Any good contractor should be able to explain in a clear way how the codes and inspections work in your area.
  • Talk with the contractor about the type and quality of materials they recommend for your new construction. They should be able to give you solid details about their recommendations for materials and parts, and the quality of the elements they recommend.
  • Ask about “green” or “eco-friendly” options and their experiences with those options. A good plumbing contractor should also be able to discuss specific issues or additional options that are unique to your area.
  • Does the plumbing contractor handle coordinating with local water and sewer services to ensure your home is hooked up to those services properly and in a timely manner?
  • Ask for references you can speak with, talk with other home owners who have hired that contractor, and look at any online reviews.
  • And of course, make sure you get detailed quotes in writing from every plumbing contractor you are considering.

When you are having a new home built, you need the peace of mind that your plumbing will be done right. Hiring the right plumbing contractor with top-notch experience is key. Chat with the plumbing cats over at Carolina Cool. They train their technicians in all the latest technology and requirements to ensure every job is done the right way.