Solar Power Myrtle Beach

Planning to Go Solar? The Latest News on Solar Power

Solar power is still hot news all over the Grand Strand! Cool Cat checking in to bring you the latest buzz on solar energy. What’s so cooooool about harnessing power from the hot sun? You conserve (and generate) energy, save on utility bills and get local tax credits or rebates. You get to reduce your costs and your carbon footprint at the same time. Now, that’s coooool!

Solar System Rebates

Carolina Cool is certified to get your new solar system set up and running, and help you get set up for your rebates from Santee Cooper. How much cabbage can you get from this rebate? Depending on the size of your rooftop solar system, you can score $1.30 per watt for up to 6,000 watts – total cap of up to $7,800.00 in rebates. That’s no small change there. Check it out! Even better, if your system generates more energy than you need, you can set it up for that extra to flow back to Santee Cooper’s energy grid and you score credits on your bill for that extra energy.

Solar Power in the News

If you peruse the news like Cool Cat, you might have heard some changes going on in the solar energy space. Tariffs on imported solar system cells and modules that started in February of 2018 have shaken things up a bit in the solar power industry. The good news is that many companies have production plans in place to increase production of these parts and components within the U.S. If you and your solar system provider choose parts subject to the tariff, when added to new tariffs on steel and aluminum, the average rooftop solar power system might see a price increase of between 2-5%. The price for rooftop solar systems has come down in recent years so it’s best to talk with one of the solar pros at Carolina Cool to find out if these changes will impact you.

Recently released info from 2017 showed good progress. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that 32% of all new electricity generating capacity in the U.S. in 2017 came from solar power. And even coooooler, the greatest percentage of new solar power system installations in 2017 happened in the Southeast part of the U.S. (33%). That’s us!

We still have a long way to go harnessing the power of that sweet golden sunlight for more people all over the Grand Strand. When you’re ready to get your plans together to go solar, call the cats at Carolina Cool! They can set you up with everything you need for your solar power system, and to collect all the rebates and credits possible for your new environmentally-sound investment. That’s coooool!