Plumbing Myrtle Beach; The Plumber’s Point of View

Plumbing Myrtle Beach: The Plumber’s Point of View
By S. Kim Henson
Myrtle Beach is going down the drain but don’t worry, that’s just the plumber’s point of view. Don’t let that stop you from washing, flushing and draining whatever you like through your pipes. Unless, of course, you’re also tired of watching your money go down the drain. You know, paying professionals to unclog clogged sinks, tubs and toilets.
In that case, you might be interested in the plumber’s point of view. It’s not your dirty laundry that is airing for the plumbers from Carolina Cool. It’s all that stuff stuck in the pipes underneath your home or business, and the clogs underneath your household and industrial sinks. Oodles of daily debris are stopping up pipes when it’d be smarter to dispose of garbage in trashcans, disposals and compost piles.
Like what? Here is the list of items most likely to clog residential and commercial pipes.
• Hair
• Grease
• Paper towels
• Feminine items
• Foreign objects
Try as you may, plumbing can still get clogged. If so, be sure to call the plumbers at Carolina Cool.