Maintenance Agreements Are Cool

Carolina Cool has your home comfort in mind. We offer one of the most comprehensive maintenance plans available anywhere. Choose maintenance agreement combinations for your home.   Click here now to see how you can save money with our specialized maintenance plans.

26-point inspection (two times per year)

  • Check water meter to assure there are no leaks.
  • Actuate and check operation of all faucets, shower valves, drains and diverters.
  • Check for leaks under all sinks including all drain piping, water connections, dishwasher connection, and garbage disposal.
  • Inspect toilet base, bowl seal, and supply line for leaks.
  • Flush toilet and verify proper operation. Adjust water level as needed.
  • Change up to three (3) standard flappers. First visit only.
  • Pull out refrigerator, check for leaks on ice machine hookup.
  • Verify proper operation of shut off valve.
  • Inspect all hose bibs and external piping.
  • Go under home and inspect all plumbing in crawlspace. (Where applicable.)


  • Verify proper operation of exhaust fans.


  • Change seal on washer hoses. First visit only.
  • Inspect hoses for leaks, corrosion and tightness.
  • Check washer hoses to assure they’re braided. First visit only.
  • Actuate shut off valves to verify proper operation.
  • Check lint filter and clean, as needed.
  • Inspect condition of dryer vent hook up.
  • Inspect condition of dryer vent to outside and b
  • lding exit flapper and assembly.


  • Tighten all electrical connections.
  • Check shut off valve for proper operation.
  • Check operation of safety and relief valves.
  • Inspect heating elements from operating current and proper voltage.
  • Verify proper operation of water heater.
  • Inspect condition of pan, seal and security of drain.
  • Drain water heater to flush out sediment. Second visit only.


  • Change standard 9v battery. First visit only.

Custom Additions

DRYER VENT CLEANING (1 visit per year)

  • Clean dryer vent to assure there is no build up of lint.

SUMP PUMPS (1 visit per year)

  • Check for proper operation.