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When encountering a slow or clogged drain, most people head over to the local hardware depot for the latest chemical or enzyme drain cleaner that is sure to solve the problem. They either stare expectantly at the standing water waiting for it to suddenly suck down the drain or check back and add more chemicals for a few hours… or days. The truth is that there are so many potential causes for clogged drains from soap build-up to intruding tree roots that any fixes you find on a store shelf tend to be temporary at best.

Starting in the kitchen, even with a garbage disposal, sinks and drains run slower or eventually clog due to greases, soaps, fats and detergents that build up on the walls of the pipes over time. The only way to solve this clog is with machine cleaning by a professional plumber to break apart the clog and built-up blockage, and remove all of the debris. The bathroom offers up both sink and tub drains that can accumulate not only soap but also hair, toothpaste and other grime. Don’t forget those toilet clogs caused by toilet paper and other items.

Perhaps the most serious and daunting drain issue our plumbers encounter is tree root infiltration. Tree roots will attach to and wind their way into any crack providing moisture. Underground drain lines that may be decades old are particularly vulnerable to invasion by tree roots. Tree roots spread and break away drain pipe materials to the point that sewage debris like toilet paper begins to build up on the roots and eventually cause sewer back-ups into the home. Whether your drain dilemma is large or small, we offer:

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