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Pipe Repair

When it comes to the pipes running to and from your home, as well as all through it, repair costs can add up quickly! When you need pipe repairs done right by a professional, trained plumber in Myrtle Beach, you need Carolina Cool. Our plumbing specialists have the experience to provide any kind of pipe repair you need, whether underground or under the kitchen sink. Pipe repairs can be complex depending on the problem, the type of pipe material, location of the issue and more. Common pipe repair needs include leaks, frozen and burst pipes, shaking or loud loose pipes, slow or clogged pipes, low water pressure, corrosion and scale build-up inside pipes.

With so many types of pipe materials in use in the local market, it takes a pro to know the best fix for your problem. The unique mix of newer and older homes throughout Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand means our plumbers encounter all different types of piping like copper, galvanized steel, cast iron (common for drain pipes), stainless steel, older plastics (PB and CPVC) and newer plastics (PVC, PEX and HDPE). Consider that different pipe types require different repair materials and techniques and it’s easy to see how a seemingly simple pipe repair can be far more complicated than expected. Improper or incorrect repairs can lead to larger problems, damage to your home and increasing costs. Who you choose for your pipe repair matters! At Carolina Cool, we have:

  • Myrtle Beach Plumbers for All Types of Homes & Businesses
  • Expertise with All Pipe Materials & Plumbing Types
  • Pipe Repair Services for Supply, Drainage and Indoor Plumbing
  • Ultrasound Leak Detection Services
  • Factory Trained & Certified Plumbing Technicians
  • Reliable, Same Day, 24-7 Emergency Service
  • Design/Build Construction Services from Foundation to Fixtures
  • Expertise Utilizing the Latest Technology & Equipment
  • Serving the Grand Strand for Nearly 25 Years
  • “Green” Plumbing Fixtures
  • Service Agreements to Save You Money

Pipe repairs in your Myrtle Beach home can be simply complicated. Trust the plumbing professionals at Carolina Cool to repair it right and running smooth! If you have a pipe repair need, call us at (843) 213-2050!