Preparing your HVAC for a Hurricane

Hey y’all! It’s Cool Cat coming round to give a shout out about hurricanes and your HVAC. Hey there, Pawleys Island! What’s up, North Myrtle Beach? Hurricane season runs until November 30th so we still have a lot of the season left to go. And this season has been especially active! Hurricanes and tropical storms bring wicked winds, downpours of rain, flooding and power outages. Are you ready for the 411 to prep your HVAC for a hurricane? Let’s dig in!

1. Clear debris away from outdoor HVAC – Make sure you have branches and other debris cleared away from your HVAC unit – even if you have to trim some trees and bushes to do it. Any kind of debris can become flying projectiles in high winds that can damage your HVAC unit. That’s not cool!

2. Avoid flooding – When having a new system installed, let your Carolina Cool HVAC technician know that you are in a potential flood zone, so they can take any precautions necessary to help prevent flooding of your unit.   If the system appears to have been in standing water or has been flooded, do not start the unit.  Call Carolina Cool for a service call to verify if the equipment is operable.

3. Cool your house before the storm – Turn your temperature down several degrees ahead of the storm to cool your home as much as possible. Why? Because of the next step!

4. Turn your HVAC unit off at the breaker – Turn your HVAC unit’s power off at the breaker. Major storms cause power outages and power surges. A power surge can potentially damage vital components in your HVAC unit and require costly repairs. Protecting your system from power surges is one of the most important steps you can take during a major storm.

5. Cover your unit – Once you’ve cut the power to your HVAC, you can cover the outside unit to further protect it. You can use a tarp or a custom cover made for your unit (if available). This will help protect it from both small and larger flying debris during the storm.

Prepping your HVAC for a hurricane or tropical storm can help you avoid costly repairs caused by power surges and flying debris. When the storm has passed, if you have any concerns about your HVAC system, call the cats at Carolina Cool. They’ll come out and inspect your system for any issues and make sure you get up and running again smoothly. That’s coooooooool!