Professional Myrtle Beach Electricians–7 Projects You Should Leave Up to Carolina Cool

Professional Myrtle Beach Electricians– 7 Projects You Should Leave Up to Carolina Cool
“Electricity is really just organized lightning,” said George Carlin. Think about it. Would you go messing around with lightning?
You and your home will be safer when you call one of Carolina Cool’s certified electricians to do these sometimes-dangerous jobs that require specialized knowledge. Here’s a list of electrical projects best left to the professionals:
1. Repair wiring when there is a short in your electrical system. If you notice an electrical shock or sparks flying when you touch or turn on a light switch, you likely have a short.
2. Install new wiring that is up to code. Older wiring like aluminum wire and cloth-covered wire should be replaced with up-to-date and safer copper wire.
3. Install additional power outlets, typically a necessity in older homes to avoid overloading existing outlets and to eliminate the use of multiple extension cords.
4. Install a ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) in areas like the kitchen and bath where water is likely to be present since moisture conducts electricity.
5. Repair electrical problems that are code violations.
6. Install a dedicated circuit when a breaker repeatedly trips.
7. Update breaker panels in older homes as most have inadequate amperage. If the house has a fuse panel, replace it with a breaker panel. Panels are the connection between your home and the main service so the work is safer left to a certified electrician at Carolina Cool.