Reduce Spring Allergens

‘Tis the Season

Sniffle. Hack, hack. Drip … drip … drip. And it’s not the kitchen sink this time. It’s your nose. The season is here when yellow puffs of pollen and other allergens wait for an open door to come inside. The trouble they cause is worth every effort to lessen their affects.

Spring clean your home to remove dust and mold. Wash your sheets weekly and your clothes often since allergens cling. Shower and wash your hair before you go to bed and keep pets off the furniture because pollen collects on skin and hair. Make sure to change HVAC filters often. Stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed when the pollen count is high or take doctor-approved allergy medication 30 minutes to an hour before heading outdoors. Silly as you may feel, wear a mask when mowing since a lot of dust is kicked up that way. In your car, keep windows up during peak pollen times and turn AC vents away from directly blowing in your face.

And don’t wait until you’re sick to call Carolina Cool for allergen reduction and to remove other crud from your home.