Enjoy Peace of Mind With 24/7 Generator Repair Services You Can Always Count On!

There’s never a convenient time to have an issue with your backup generator. Our emergency generator repair team is on call 24/7, 365 days a year to assist when you need it most. Whether your generator supplies backup power to a small family home or a massive industrial facility, have peace of mind knowing there’s a trusted partner to rely on at Carolina Cool.

Preventative Maintenance from The Power Connection Helps You Avoid A Costly Generator Repair.

Just like the engine in your car, a generator will last longer with routine preventative maintenance such as oil changes and seasonal tune-ups. People who choose to “set it and forget it” often return to find their generator not operating after a year or two of sporadic use. Performing routine preventative maintenance on your generator is a simple way to add years to the life of your generator and diagnose small issues early before they become very costly to repair. Carolina Cool has a detailed annual maintenance program for your generator.

Generac Certified Technicians Ensure That Your Generator Is Maintained All Year Long.

We will provide you with a detailed seasonal tune-up to ensure your generator is always delivering peak performance! Although we are Generac certified, we provide service and maintenance to other makes and models of backup generators.