Carolina Cool has been a leader in water heater replacement since 1985. Our expert plumbing team has been solving simple and complex installations from Little River to Georgetown in all types of homes for over 35 years. While many homeowners think that purchasing a water heater from a big-box store and installing it themselves or with the help of a friendly neighbor is a good idea, our team of plumbers will tell you that you are not getting the same thing as you would from a qualified plumbing company. The fittings and components of most heaters available thru the big box stores meet the most basic requirements for safety certifications. This affects the life of the heater as well as the energy efficiency. Carolina Cool is a dealer for Bradford White standard tank-style heaters and Rinnai tankless heaters.

Tank Style Water Heaters

Tank-style water heaters have recently been subjected to new energy standards in the National Appliance and Energy Conservation Act of 2015. This act required manufacturers to make significant design changes to meet the new standards. Tank sizes changed, and insulation requirements increased, causing physical changes to overall tank sizes. Many homeowners in townhomes, condominiums, apartments, and some homes have realized that what was there before may not go back there now. Carolina Cool has been on top of these changes and has been finding creative ways to deal with these problems since 2015. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless style water heaters have become the go-to desire for many homeowners. Taking up much less space than storage tank systems they heat water as needed. On average, tankless heaters can provide 2-5 gallons of hot water per minute, so usage for large families needs to be evaluated. The attractiveness of tankless heaters has also been the potential energy savings over storage tank systems. But homeowners should use caution when they consider installing an electric-powered tankless system. A whole-house electric tankless system can use more than 25,000 watts of electricity compared to 5,000 watts of electricity with a conventional storage style heater depending upon shower, dishwasher, and sink use. Gas heaters are far more efficient, but require professional installation to make certain that proper venting and gas piping sizes are sufficient and safe. Carolina Cool is a dealer for Rinnai systems the longtime leader in tankless systems. Call us today for a conversation and estimate.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacing

• The cost of repair is more than half the cost of replacement – if the damage to your water heater is so extensive that the cost of repair ends up being about half as much as it would be to buy a new one, we recommend water heater replacement vs. water heater repair.

• You have had to repair your water heater multiple times – rather than continuing to spend money repairing an outdated water heater, it makes more sense to spring for an upgrade instead.

• You are looking to save on monthly utility bills – newer models of water heaters are more energy efficient, and can save you money monthly on water or utility bills. Tankless water heaters last longer than traditional tank-water heaters

• Your current water heater is more than 10 years old – most water heaters last 6-13 years depending on the brand, how hard the water is in your area, and how often you have your water heater professionally maintained. If your water heater is more than 10 years old, it makes more sense to replace than to repair.

24/7 Myrtle Beach Water Heater Replacement

Providing Quality Water Heater Installations Since 1985

Have you noticed that your home’s hot water system is not working as well as it should? Or you have noticed that your water takes a long time to heat up, or if the water from your faucets is rust-colored.

Has your electric bill seemed high? Did you know that approximately 20% of a home’s energy costs are related to your water heater?

You may need to have your water heater inspected by a trusted plumber from Carolina Cool.

We are available 24/7 to help our customers when they need it the most, and we can service a wide array of water heater types, including propane, gas, and electric heaters. Not every hot water issue requires replacement. Our experienced plumbers can help troubleshoot your water heater and install, replace, or repair your system as necessary.

We service and install both traditional tank style water heaters as well as hybrid systems, and tankless systems.