Restaurant Plumbing Tips to Prepare for the Busy 2018 Season

A new year is here and it’s the best time for the restaurant owners out there to get prepped up for a busy 2018. Cool Cat swinging by to serve up some restaurant plumbing tips to keep all my favorite eateries running problem free and dishing out those good eats! Check it out!

Tip #1: Install a filter/strainer on drains to prevent food and other debris from getting down in the lines and causing a blockage. Already have ’em? Keep ’em cleaned out and check them over frequently for damage so you can replace them before a big-time blockage happens.

Tip #2: Clean out those grease traps frequently. If they’re doing their job, they’ll be catching oily gunk, fats, and bits of meat and other food debris. Not only can that mess go rancid and stink up the joint, but it can wind up in your sewer lines causing nasty clogs. Cleaning it out on a regular basis keeps you running smoothly.

Tip #3: Test the speed of your drains. Slow drains are a sign of a long list of potential problems and should be checked out by the cats at Carolina Cool ASAP. Fast action on slow drains saves you time, money and worse problems down the line.

Tip #4: Check for leaks. As part of your regular routine, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for potential leaks. And don’t skip on scheduling your regular routine professional plumbing maintenance and inspection. A pro inspection checks for leaks and other problems that can lead to costly repairs if they go unnoticed, possibly preventing floods or total plumbing system breakdowns.

Tip #5: If your joint has a septic tank, get it pumped out on a consistent basis. You don’t want that kind of waste backing up into your bathrooms and sinks. Trust Cool Cat on this one – that’s one stink you don’t want in your business!

Tip #6: Make sure you have a regular schedule for your restaurant plumbing maintenance, clean-up, and inspection with Carolina Cool. These cats have the technology and the know-how to keep your restaurant plumbing systems and drains working the way they should, so you can worry about cooooooler things like that brown butter honey salmon recipe.

Now’s the time to get prepped up for a busy 2018 and get a schedule set with the cats at Carolina Cool to keep your restaurant’s plumbing and drains flowing all year long. As for this Cool Cat, I’m heading out for that seared ahi tuna special!