Serving Up HVAC and Plumbing Solutions to Grand Strand Restaurants

By S. Kim Henson

HVAC and plumbing problems for eateries, particularly during the busy summer season, can be disastrous and costly for business. Relaxation and fun are the reasons vacationers come to the beach, not to have their dining experience inconvenienced by uncomfortable indoor temperatures and out-of-order bathroom facilities. For area restaurants, Carolina Cool is a complete solution.

If temperatures and tempers are rising in the kitchen, their team offers service and installation on all HVAC makes and models, and they adhere to refrigerant guidelines. Or if things are getting a bit stopped up, plumbing services include ultrasound leak detection, sewer drain clogs and repairs, and more.

Whether it’s 8 a.m. or midnight, factory trained and certified technicians are on call for commercial emergencies, maintenance and system replacements. They offer professional service at a cost to fit your business’s budget. Carolina Cool serves you, the restaurant owners up and down the Grand Strand, so you can serve your customers food they deserve in a cool, comfortable atmosphere.