Signs You Have Leaky Ducts

You likely don’t think about the ductwork in your home very often. Did you know that your ductwork could be contributing to issues within your home such as indoor air quality and extra wear and tear on your HVAC system? If your ducts are leaking, it can cause you to have several different issues in your home. Here are the signs you have leaky ducts.

  • Your A/C struggles to keep your home cool. If your A/C is running more often than usual or even continuously and still doesn’t seem to get your home cool enough, you might have leaky ducts.
  • Your electricity bills are higher. If you notice your utility bill rising or being significantly higher than the previous years during the summer, that is a strong indicator that your HVAC is working harder, and you might have leaky ducts.
  • Changes in your indoor air quality. If you notice changes to your indoor air quality, this could be caused by leaky ducts. Leaky ducts let particulates into your home’s system and also possibly fumes and other contaminants from outside or from other areas of your home. Once in your system, these contaminants are carried throughout your home.
  • Some rooms just never cool off. No matter how long your HVAC runs or how cool the rest of the house is, if you have rooms that just don’t cool down then you might have leaky ducts. Leaky ducts let cool air escape before it even reaches the room, resulting in a lack of cooling.
  • You notice excessive dust. If your home is collecting an unusually high amount of dust compared to what is normal, you might have leaky ducts. Leaky ducts let dust into your system, and it gets circulated throughout your home and collects on surfaces and furnishings.
  • Your ducts are old. The average lifespan of a duct system is about 15 years. If your ducts are older than that or getting close to that age, the chances that you have duct leaks increases significantly.
  • Your A/C needs frequent repair. Leaky ducts introduce extra particulate matter such as dust, dirt and pollen into your HVAC system. This particulate makes your HVAC system work harder and increases wear and tear. The increased wear and tear leads to more frequent breakdowns and repairs, even if your HVAC system isn’t that old.

Leaky ducts can cause major problems with your HVAC system and in your home. They can compromise your indoor air quality and make your energy bills rise by causing your HVAC system to work harder and longer. If you notice several of these signs you have leaky ducts, call Carolina Cool to have them checked out. Our technicians can evaluate the state of your duct system and let you know if there are leaks or other issues.